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Dom Skinner

Actress. Writer. Storyteller

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Let's Talk 

In Let’s Talk, Dom takes us on a journey, through unexpected trials and unconventional love, to show us how forgiving our past and viewing our parents as humans can help us discover our own worthiness.  


Parents are just people. They don’t get a handbook once they become your mother or father. Most parents do their absolute best with what they know. All while trying to navigate through their internal and external battles. 


Making the decision to shift the narrative, Dom changed her focus from her childhood traumas and saw the honor in her mother’s sacrifices. As a result, Dom discovered that she was always enough.

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About Dom Skinner

Dom Skinner is an actress, writer, storyteller, mentor, and educator. She is also a daughter, a niece, and an auntie. Dom has become an ambassador of love and healing through changing the narrative of our stories. 


Dom was born and raised in Washington, DC, and had every intention to save lives as a doctor. Her path changed courses and sent her down the road of clinical psychology, where she spent years in youth development and mentorship. 


When she decided to leave her comfort zone to follow her visions, Dom started her acting journey in Los Angeles, CA. There she began healing from her childhood. Through her healing, Dom began to live in her worthiness. Now, she has every intention to save lives through her stories.

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